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Birthday brunch - Community Celebration Event

No, it's not anybody's birthday, it's the 20th anniversary of Geocaching. And because we were lucky to get two "Community Celebration Events", we don't want to have another Grill' & Chill' today, but a brunch. That means:

We're having a cozy brunch!

Why brunch, not breakfast again? Well, the last breakfast ended in the early afternoon, because nobody wanted to leave and so we thought, "Let's get down to business then" and so we just had lunch for breakfast.

As always we would be happy to see "old" faces again or to meet new people.

Apart from that you can find everything we offer and also what you can get from your side below.

We are looking forward to see new and/or familiar faces and meanwhile our event has become something regular.

We start our event at 10:00 o'clock and want to finish at 14:00 o'clock at the latest. From our side we can offer the following:

Some things our guests have to bring along themselves:

Please write in your "Will attend" what you can or want to contribute to the brunch, this is just for better planning, because it makes little sense to have 5Kg herb butter, but nothing to put it on!

Because of the planning we set the number of participants to 40 persons for the time being. Should more participants register, we will put a waiting list online, here is the rule: FIFO - first come, first serve!

We are looking forward and hope for numerous registrations, we, that is HyppoderEinzige and Skrolan3!

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